3 decorating tips to enhance your condo space

When living in a condo, it’s often common to find that our space becomes increasingly smaller in time. But don’t despair; there’s no need to move out! By playing with features like colors and lighting, you’ll be able to reclaim your living space.

Choose light colors

To make a room look bigger, it’s always better to choose light colors for your walls, drapery and couches. Although white is a good option, you can also try different shades of colours.  Cool colours like blue, green and purple are a clever choice if you use them in lighter shades. Pastel colours bring greater brightness.

Like warm colors? No problem! Use them sparingly on cushions, centerpieces or other decorative elements. These dashes of colours will enhance your interior space and make it warmer.

Adjust lighting

Although natural light is an excellent source of lighting, we all know that Quebec weather doesn’t allow us to fully rely on that option to lighten our interior space. By adding light sources to darker areas, you’ll have less shade, which will make your room look bigger.

There are many light fixtures to choose from: recessed lighting in ceilings or bookcases, floor standing lights, accent lighting, suspended lighting, etc. You can also create various atmospheres using a light dimmer.

Rethink your furniture

Have you thought about retractable furniture to increase your space? Previously available in a small variety, folding furniture now comes in a wide selection of models and materials. Retractable tables and desks, sofa beds, stool trunks… There are a lot of furniture solutions to smaller spaces.

As you know, in addition to concrete space, visual space should not be overlooked. Have fun changing things around in your condo by following these guidelines. You’ll see that you have more room than you think!

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