3 tips on how to get along with your property co-owners

A city condo offers an attractive quality of life… provided you get along well with other co-owners! More than just neighbours, your co-owners have a significant impact on your well-being in everyday life. Here are some tips on how to get along with your co-owners.

1. Introduce yourself to your neighbours

Condo living is kind of like communal living. A simple yet often overlooked advice: introduce yourself to your neighbours and try bonding with them. Invite them over for supper, give them a tour of your unit, get to know them and give them a chance to get to know you better. Take this opportunity to let them know what your daily schedule is, to share your concerns about noise level, etc. In return, ask them what bothers them and do everything you can to accommodate them. It’s much harder to fight with someone you know and people with whom you share a friendly and brotherly relationship!

2. Follow the rules under the declaration of co-ownership

The declaration of co-ownership or the indivision agreement – depending on your type of co-ownership property – is a document aiming to bring order to living with co-owners. The rules stipulated therein aim to ensure the well-being of everyone and are intended to help co-owners get along. Even if some of the rules seem needless or pointless, don’t take liberties, and follow them strictly. The situation can quickly degenerate if all co-owners start doing as they please.

3. Attend annual meetings

Not only are annual meetings a great opportunity to meet all your co-owners, it is also a way for you to give your opinion on something that bothers or worries you. By attending these meetings, you will feel involved in co-ownership living and get a broader sense of belonging.

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